The Centre

National Migraine Centre is the only independent, charitable clinic in the UK that is entirely focused on headaches and migraines. We have unparalleled experience in helping people (including children) suffering from migraines, cluster headaches and other types of headaches. We are a leading centre of knowledge about hormonally-related headaches and migraine.

The Centre was founded in 1980 and has been running ever since. For all of that time we have been at our current location on Charterhouse Square in the City of London.

We see patients from all over the UK, and occasionally from outside the UK, and we welcome anyone who feel they need help managing their headaches and migraines. Improving the quality of life for people with headaches and migraines is at the core of all that we do; it is the basis for our philosophy of care as well as the motivation for the research that we do.

We are an independent charity and do not receive any NHS or other government funding. This means we are reliant on the generosity of our patients as well as on grants from organisations and companies. For ideas of how you can help us have a look at our fundraising pages, where you will also find our accounts and funding details.