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Happy St Patrick’s Day! Celebrating with a drink? Read this first!

Helpful hints for reducing your chances of triggering alcohol induced migraine. We're sorry to say that copious pints of Guinness might be best avoided....

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Migraine News: Help NMC at a difficult time.

The charity has come a long way in the past 4 years, financially and in terms of our public profile. However we still receive no government or consistent NHS funding and receive little research income. We need your help NOW to keep the Centre open!...

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BREAKING NEWS! Handheld device to prevent & treat migraine evaluated by NICE – available at NMC

News broke of this yesterday (22 January 2013), so we thought it would be good to summarise some of the information being shared on the internet about this relatively new device. The TMS or transcranial magnetic stimulation device is a handheld ma...

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New way of welcoming patients to our community.

We have developed with the help of some of our patients, a welcome leaflet that will be handed out to all patients. Learn how we can help you following your visit to us and how in turn how you can return the favour. Let us know what you think of it!...

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Chocolate – friend or foe?

Is it right that chocolate gets blamed for triggering migraines or is it all a myth? Dr Marcus Lewis explores the facts and research behind them for all those chocoholics out there!...

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