Becoming a Patient

The National Migraine Centre is the only charitable clinic in the country specialising in headaches and migraines. Over our 30-year history we have seen tens of thousands of patients, including a fair number of children and adolescents and conducted dozens of research projects about and around the topic of headache and migraine. A substantial amount of research has been into the link between hormones and migraine.

At the Centre we see patients with various kinds of headaches – not just migraines; we see people with cluster headaches and tension-type headache as well. Nontheless, most of our patients have migraine.

As a charity who receives no government funding we are entirely dependent on donations from our patients, the general public and grant-making bodies. We therefore ask all our patients if they would be able to make a donation toward the cost of their appointment. You can Click here for more details on how we are funded.

Our medical director may also carry out certain procedures if the patient wishes. This is at his discretion and only where he views it appropriate. These include Nerve-block injections and Botox injections and carry a set fee. For more information on Botox injections click here. The doctor can further advise on these procedures during the consultation.

Through the tabs on the right you can find out more about becoming a patient at the Centre. To find out how we work and what makes us unique you might want to look at our philosophy of care. If, following that, you want to find out some more about us then having a look at the frequently asked questions might be the best step. You can fill in the online form and we will then contact you with an appointment.