Our Philosophy of Care

We pride ourselves on our philosophy of care, which is based on medical excellence combined with an approach directed towards each patient’s individual needs. Our aim, to improve the lives of people with headaches and migraine, is at the core of everything we do. In turn, how we work is always based on that aim and so the person at the centre of everything that we do is you – the patient.

“I feel at last somebody understands my health problems with headaches and has a course of potential action to try and improve the situation.”


Our Knowledge Base

As a specialised centre we have acquired a substantial body of knowledge over the years; knowledge that is constantly evolving. Some of this comes from being a research centre, but most of it comes from the patients we see. Not only do the results of our research feed directly into our clinical care; the information from our patients also feeds directly into our research.

All our doctors work here because they have a genuine interest in headaches and migraine. Therefore your headaches will never be dismissed as trivial. To prevent repetition and to provide continuity, we will do our best to ensure that you see the same doctor every time you come to the Centre. If, for any reason, this is not possible we will give you a first-time appointment slot for your follow-up appointment – to give you enough time with the new doctor.


Our Patient Focus

A key aspect to our work is the focus on how you as an individual feel and what you need. This requires time and allowing 40 minutes for a first appointment is one way of ensuring that there is time to discuss the best approach to managing your headaches. The goal is to help you regain control of your headaches, rather than the headaches controlling you.

“The experience [of the appointment] was positive. I felt empowered – it has given me confidence to manage my migraines.”

As well as advice on treating your headaches when you get them, we pay particular attention to helping you preventing them from occurring in the first place. Much of this management is about looking at lifestyle issues that may be triggering attacks and more information on potential triggers can be found in our online factsheets. We may recommend drugs but also work to ensure that drugs are not taken more often or for longer than is necessary.


Our Research and Educational Events

Our aim, to improve the lives of people with headaches and migraine, also provides the basis of our other activities. Our extensive research portfolio not only benefits our patients at the Clinic; it also provides useful insights and new information for medical professionals both in the UK and internationally. We work actively to spread this knowledge through a variety of educational events and articles for healthcare professionals and the general public. Our hope is that this will improve care for many of those people who either do not know about us or who cannot come to see us at the Centre.

We strive to improve the lives of people with headaches and migraine by providing them with the knowledge and ability to control their headaches.